The Good, The Bad, And the Temporary

Bill Nix was a stubborn old man from eastern Kentucky, but migrated north with the dot collapse of the late nineties. He son was co-founder of a enterprise designed to give users the ability to monitor the whereabouts of their teenage drivers. It was little ahead of its time and mostly just creeped out the general public. Investors quickly backed out and the business collapsed with-in a year. Initial investors would eventually return and buy his software to run the increasingly popular GPS tracking devices. His ending is a happy one, but unfortunately this is not his story.

Bill Nix did not understand the internet nor did he understand why he had to go to New York to pick up his homeless son. He had always been a cautious man, but had not driven in awhile and he's insurance policy had lapsed the month before. He tried to call around for quotes but they were too high because of his advanced age. He ending up finding a temporary insurance company a friend of his son worked at. The man cut Bill a deal and waived a few of the fees to help out even more.

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Bill signed all the paper and the two men begin talking about this and that, eventually ending on the topic of Bill's son. They spoke of old times and how Bill's son won the state championship his senior year. How he won local art competitions with he's abstract still life adaptations. The full scholarship to Harvard he received for creating an algorithm that would later be the foundation of his enterprise. There conversation begun to wind down and the insurance sells man asked Bill if his son was still dating David.

Bill stared straight ahead. His brow began to furrow as beads of sweat built-up and trickled down his face. His left arm went numb as he started gasping for air. With his last breathes he mustard up the words health and insurance while pointing to himself and shaking his head. The insurance sells man leapt into action grabbing various forms while repeating, I though you knew. He placed them in front of Bill and picked up the phone, dialing 911. Bill slowly reached for a pen and leaned over the desk as he struggled to sign his name before bursting out into laughter.

The insurance man hung up the phone and looked at Bill as he mockingly wiped tears from his eyes and hooted. He than picked up and handed the forms back to the insurance sells man saying thanks. Bill had not been able to afford health insurance since he had to retire, but had gotten craftier over the years. The insurance man still looked confused and apologized saying he thought Bill knew his son and David had been dating. Bill explained they were still together and how he simply took advantage of an opportunity to get cheap health insurance. The insurance man apologized again and informed Bill his company specializes in temporary insurance and he had signed a one time emergency policy only valid for the next 24 hours.

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